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By: Mas Ayu Abdul Rahman

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Monday, 23-Jun-2008 11:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 4th Birthday Naufal!

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This is actually a late entry for Naufal's birthday. He turned 4 on 6 June 2008. However, we could only celebrate his birthday (meaning buying him a birthday dah bagi awal ) on 21 June 2008. But he's happy. The cake was simple but nice (i think so, esp the "train candle").

The yummylicious cake??

Cake cutting....

What we bought for him...

Naufal the builder...Can u fix it?

Wednesday, 11-Jun-2008 13:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kids Time Nursery- Jeddah

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Since 11 June was Naufal's last day of nursery, just wanna share some photos of his activities. Too bad, both Naufal and Diyana were not going to the nursery on the last day. Naufal refused to take bath. Diyana was still sleeping until 10 am!!! Thus, I dont have the pictures of them with their friends on the last day..Sad..mmg sad tapi bebudak ni mana paham yang they'll be leaving soon and they surely miss their friends. Naufal's best friends in the nursery are Sohail and Mira. Alhamdulillah, I got some collection of Naufal's photos in the nursery. Thanks to his teacher who is kind enough to compile the photos in one CD!! I am impressed!!

Wednesday, 11-Jun-2008 05:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Flower Arrangement Competition

my flower bouquet
among the flower arrangements
flower bouquet
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The PERWAKILAN of Jeddah had organised a flower arrangement competition on 9 June 2008. The competition was held at the Resident of Malaysia (Puan Rosie's house). There were all together 15 flower arrangements made by 15 PERWAKILAN members. PERWAKILAN invited 3 outside judges nameley Madam Arun (Console General's wife of Thailand), Mdm Hajah Sarimah (CG's wife of Brunei) and Madam Ibu Leez, (CG's wife of Indonesia). There were 3 prizes to be won.

Unbelievably, my flower arrangement entitled "Inspirasi Ixora" was chosen as the 2nd runner up. The first runner up was Puan Rosie's flower entitled "Mekar Layu" and the winner was Kak Ani's flower entitled " kenanganku". All the winners were given jewellery boxes as the prizes. It was fun and a new experience for me as i never arranged my own flower bouquet. Selalu beli dah siap aje. Overall, all the 15 flower arrangements mmg hebat2 especially kak pah's flower arrangement. Cantik bangat...Bolehlah mintak tolong dia gubahkan untuk ku bawa pulang ke Malaysia....

Me, my flowers and gift

Th winners: Frm left (1st runner up), 1st prize, 2nd runner up

Kat Bilik Arab...

Tuesday, 3-Jun-2008 15:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
An update from Jeddah...

my darling diyana
Diyana and her artwork
sayang adik..
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Actually, there are lots of things going on in my life...
1) Alhamdulillah I am 10 weeks pregnant and the EDD will be end of Dec
2) We are going back for GOOD on 6 August 2008
3) My husband and I decided to send Diyana to Naufal's nursery for a month before the summer break (we're leaving soon so we wanted diyana to get the experience mixing with other Arab kids). She enjoyed herself very much though for a short period of time.. She didnt cry (just like her brother, or i assumed because Naufal was there holding her tiny hands )
4) Lots of ladies activities but unfortunately too lazy to update. Maybe i upload few occasions to be shared in this FP .
5) I became very passive for the couple of weeks due to my condition. With the morning sickness etc..In fact, I couldnt cook because of the smell...Alhamdulillah, my husband can bear with me and most of the times we buy from outside. But it came to a point where i couldnt stand any of outside food anymore....And this reminds me of my mom!! Gosh, it seems that August is such a long long way to go before we finally fly back home
6) Havent got the opportunity to buy things to bring back home. Ada few things listed in my diary but what i need is strength (malas tahap gaban)!!!! Insya allah by July hopefully my condition gets better

Enjoy these few pictures ...kalau ada opportunity (lately nak bergambar pun malas), i will try to upload pictures as remembrance before leaving Jeddah for good.. Had a mix feeling as this is a great place

My lil' darling...

Just love this pix

The Ladies Assoc. Annual General Meeting

Berposing atas Pelamin perkahwinan orang morroco @ wedding fair in Jeddah

Friday, 21-Dec-2007 21:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to all Muslim friends.

One Eid morning, i cooked (fr myself) nasi minyak (first time cuba), daging prune (sedap, dicilok dari fp kak liza) and seafood goreng bercili. Although my husband wasnt around (he's performing his hajj) tapi dah nama raya, takkan tak masak special though yg akan makan cuma diri sendiri .

sekarang ni liat sket nak update fp coz:
1) takder cerita sangat. In fact all the kids' photos were taken inside the house..nothing interesting to share
2) mms from saudi to msia has been reduced from SR20 last year to SR0.65 sajer this year. so i can mms all the pics i want to my parents
3) I am terribly addicted to facebook. so i guess i dont have that much time to update this FP

Let me think again whether i really want my FP to be active or static

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